Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 4 Monserrat

Our last day in Barcelona was really a day trip to Monserrat. This is an old monastery which has the world’s most famous boys choir. We happened to go on a Sunday and fortunately had the opportunity to go to the services. 

To get to Monserrat, we had to take an hour long train ride, with our car filled with rowdy teens backpacking through Europe, followed by a 5 minute cable car ride to the top. 

See the cable car coming? 

View from the cable car

another view…

and another view…

Finally to the top! 

Once going in, we had to stand in a line for about half an hour to see the Black Madonna, and to touch her orb.

waiting in line

waiting in line

The pipe organ (from the line)

We finally saw her, we both touched the orb, but had to hurry to catch the services
On the way to the front, Snoopy bought me a candle to light and leave.

Services inside the church

After services, we decided to hike to the highest point and have a picnic of bocadillas.

Once we returned from Monserrat back to Barcelona, we headed back to El Born to visit the Picasso Museum. We had to wait in line, but it was worth it to watch the progression from what Picasso did from a youth to what he did in his last years.

A street performer in El Born

Day 3 Barcelona

Our third day in Barcelona was short in terms of good photography. We had an important match to attend in the evening. I wasn’t sure if good cameras were permitted at Camp Nou stadium. To be safe, I left the camera in the hotel.

In the morning before the match, we went to the highest point in Barcelona - Montjoic. I loved it. I could see the whole city from one little perch outside the old fort. It was cool and breezy, where the city had been hot. Snoopy could have left me there all day and I would have been fine. 

The view of Barceloneta from the walk up to the top

The old fort. There really wasn’t much here to see, but you could go inside anyway. 

View of Barcelona (and La Sagrada Familia) from the fort walls

A cat sleeping in the window

The drawbridge
 After wandering around the walking trails, we walked down to the Catalunya Art museum. The building is spectacular.

The view of Placa Espanol from the museum steps

The museum from the steps

The museum from the bottom
After this, we grabbed a couple of bocadillas and headed off to watch the worlds biggest rivalry - FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Barcelona Day 2

I remember it clearly. We slept in. We had an appointment at La Sagrada Familia that we were late for. 

 Day 2 in Barcelona was a day dedicated to Gaudi, starting with a visit to La Sagrada Familia. This was one magnificent place. I have some pictures here, but really, no pictures can do it justice. The feeling from being here was indescribable.

The entry is on the facade representing the death of Jesus. 

La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over 200 years and still has about 50 years to go. 

We were an hour late to our appointment to go to the top of the spires in the Nativity facade. Going to the top of something is something Snoopy and I just do. If there is a highest or lowest point, we have to go there. This was no exception.

On the way back down…

Then we toured the inside. Just beautiful.

In every language of the world “ Give us this day our daily bread” will be the entry of the Basilica

Nativity Facade - supposed to be joyful and happy. A stark contrast to the stone figures we saw at the beginning. This was the only part Gaudi saw completed 

Then Snoopy and I went to have a picnic in Guell Park, which is another high point in the city. We had Bocadillos and crisps.

Yes, that is the Sagrada Familia over there

Our Gaudi tour of Barcelona continued with all of his crazy buildings.

Including Casa Mila.

View from the roof of Casa Mila 

We then headed on over to El Born where we went to visit a church that is different than others. It pulled away from any church and is now a church of the people.